CanFurence Cabaret 2018

Hello everyone! Star Dust Cosplay here with another article! This time we were at CanFurence Cabaret 2018! This was our second time covering CanFurence's event in Ottawa, ON. This year they were located at the Brookstreet Hotel in Kanata, ON. It was a three day event for Furries and allies to get together and have a lot of fun! Let's talk about the highlights of the event shall we?

(Outside view of Brookstreet Hotel-where CanFurence 2018 took place)

There was a lot happening this weekend, there were many panels for furries and allies to check out! There were fursuit games, FurScience, Gender verse Furries, Questions and Answers with AirGuitar (Guest of Honor), Furries After Dark, Hot Topic,  Lady Furs Meet and Greet, and so much more! It was quite the happening place to be this weekend and lots of warm hugs to go around!

Besides, the panels there was much to see and do as well! There was the impressive Dealer's Room! People were selling things all furry related. There was many great items and shops to choose from! Let's take a look at some of the stores and items that were for sale!

(Mavrick's Emporium (by my friend Laura Smith) We simply loved the LGBT and trans items! It was hot items and very popular with the attendees. This was something to def check out!

Instragram: @mavricksemporium

(The Armored Cat -Shaun Hardy) The Armoured Cat made jewelry!

Twitter: The_Armored_Cat


(Twlight Knights Cosplay) Made paws and feet and everything fur! We were quite impressed!

(Portly Possum) This was a furry table to see hey sold ears, tails, nails, and even air conditioners! Hand made items for all your furry needs!

 (Cyberpup Art and Glow) At this vendor they sold the coolest buttons as well as home made items of your favourite character! Very cool stuff!

(Artworktee) This table sold very cool t shirts about anatomy's of fursonas! Very interesting indeed!)

Twitter: @artworktee

(Dark Bunny Sauces) Want some new delicious hot sauce? Then this was the vendor to check out! They had many different flavours to purchase and choose from, a personal favourite of ours.

twitter: @darkbunnysauces

(Crazdude) This was a very cool vendor. they made badges,tshirts, buttons and so much more. Worth checking out!

Twitter: @crazdude

(Sewing Stuffs Creations) This vendor was very warm and fuzzy! They sold tails, paws, feet, fursona heads, eveyrthing to make the perfect fur suit!

Facebook: sewingstuffsfursuits
Furaffinity: sewingstuffs

(Paw Spa Canada) This vendor was the purrrfect one for your fursona. She sold bath bombs, sprays, shampoos for your outside fur!

Next, we venture down to the artist alley. Unfortunately, we were unaware there was a different room besides the room next to the dealers den. So the room we went to, majority of the artists we spoke to didn't want to be associated with communication of the press for privacy reasons.

We were able to get the following booth to comply and be featured tho! See below!

 (Artist-Nayel-ie) She made home made items of her art-prints, buttons, pins, we absolutely loved her work!

There was even a gaming room where furs got together to play board games and socialise! It was located on the third floor of the hotel and was a great ice breaker to meet people!

Also, just because someone in  a fursuit doesn't mean you should feel free to touch them! Fursuit does not equal consent! Please always ask before touching someone in  their fur suit :}

The con itself, also featured Air Guitar-the Guest of Honor! She is a furry and local artist in Nova Scotia. She was in the artist alley when she wasn't enjoying the con to make commissions for allies and furries everywhere ! Super nice person, and someone you should def look up if you like art!

Also, the con itself featured FurScience is a group of real scientists, studying Furries, their fandom, and publishing for scholars and the general public to inform and to reduce stigma. If you wanted to meet real scientists and learn history of furries and understand furries better this was the panel to see as well as their booth!

(Furscience Booth-Playing spin to win a item!)

Of course there were the fursuitters! Everyone was so colourful and kind to pose for our photos! Check them out below! 

(Thank you kindly to all the furistters that took the time to have their photo taken by DMR! And thank you CanFurence once again for a great con!)

We would like to thank CanFurence for another successful event! They will be back next year August 2-4 at Brookstreet Hotel again with the theme CanFurence Mystery! Their ending number of attendees this year was 571! We look forward to seeing them then!

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