The Myth of Trans Regrets

Lately, a lot of Right-Wing Media has been making viral, a toxic, harmful notion: 
That Transgender persons end up regretting their transition or surgery.

First, let's get one thing straight.
Cisgender people need to sit down, shut up, and LISTEN, when it comes to Transgender issues. 

If a transgender person later is depressed/suicidal, AFTER Transition. Guess what, buttercup? They're feeling this way because of YOU. Because of the way society treats trans people; as less than human, as literal garbage to be destroyed. They are not regretting THEIR transition, they are regretting how the world can possibly treat us so terribly.

Finally, this particular notion is a form of transphobic propaganda that's been going around for a couple of years now, spread by the right. It's not statistically correct. Within the Trans Community, this is NOT a phenomenon that exists.

Please see the Infographic below, by TSER.