Top Picks: Tools & Resources For Medical Cannabis Users

In this article, we will lay out Digital Mayhem Radio's Top Picks for the most useful utilities, websites, apps, and resources, to help users of medical cannabis.

It can be a difficult world to navigate, depending on region, and here in Canada, things are a bit of a Wild West right now for users of cannabis products. Especially hard, is finding out, and tracking what works for the symptoms you're trying to treat, what strains are available, what they do, how much to dose, etc.

1. Leafly
Accoring to Leafly:
"Leafly is the world’s largest cannabis information resource. We make the process of finding the right strains and products for you fast, simple, and comfortable. Whether you’re new to cannabis, a medical marijuana patient, or a seasoned consumer, Leafly is the perfect destination for you!"

On Leafly, you can look up different strains, find out what qualities they have, negative effects, and medical benefits. Advanced charts, Strain origin and facts, news and other resources. 

2. Strainprint

We have an in-depth review of Strainprint which can be found here.
Basically, Strainprint is an App that lets you track your usage, collect stats on what works for you for which symptom, has a massive user-driven database of strains and effects. Not only that, but you are rewarded for logging your sessions with StrainPoints, which can be redeemed for great rewards.

3. 180Smoke

Though it may be one of the most pleasant methods of usage, smoking the old-fashioned way (a joint) is one of the least efficient. The solution? Vape Pens, Dry-Herb Vaporisers, and Desktop Vaporisers. When it comes to this, we've found that 180 Smoke is one of the top places in Canada to get your gear at a fair price. The products are good, we've tested several of them ourselves in previous and upcoming reviews, and shipping is fast.

There are many more resources available, and competing services for all of the ones we've listed, however, after thorough review, these are our Top 3 Picks for the absolute best of the best in their categories. We hope you like these picks as much as we do!

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