Strainprint - Track Your Cannabis Usage, The Smart Way

Chances are, if you're reading this article, you've used Cannabis.

If you have, or do, use THC/CBD in any format, for the relief of symptoms (For example: Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Pain, Inflammation), then this App is for you.

Part of what makes weed so great is that there is such a wide array of Strains, Formats, Concentrations, and Uses. It can sometimes be hard to know which option is the best for the individual user or the specific reasons for usage. 

Dang.. Which one helped my migraine more, the California Orange, or the OG Kush?!

Enter, Strainprint.

You start by telling Strainprint what symptoms you want to treat. After that, you tell Strainprint what Strain or Variety you are using. Then the app asks you how you're currently feeling. After your session, the App will ask you how you feel again, and compare it against the before-answers. 

You can also see how your Strains compare to others, see how they work for other users, sorted by symptom. 

Your data helps other users know what strains have effectiveness for symptoms, and the collective data helps you track and compare your own usage.

Oh, and maybe we should of mentioned this part sooner..
You get 'Strainpoints' for every completed session. You use these points to cash in for sweet rewards on the Strainprint Store.

You can cash in for items like Hats, Shirts, Grinders, Vapourisers, Accessories, and More! It's very easy to earn enough points to cash out, and the rewards are excellent quality.

We at Digital Mayhem Radio are huge fans of this App, we all use it, and it's worked wonders.

You can download Strainprint on the Apple App Store, or Google Play. If you want to support Digital Mayhem Radio in the process, send an e-mail to asking for an Invite!

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