Is Halloween Still Relevant? The Stats Say Yes

Every year it seems as if less and less households decorate their exterior properties with Spooky Halloween Decorations.

I remember when I was a kid, I would always look forward to checking out all the neighbourhood's great displays and decorations. Walking on board big wooden pirate ships, reaching into dark boxes and feeling "brains", heck, I was even in a local newspaper one year for my Halloween Costume. I've personally been disappointed in recent years, when I go out near Halloween Night, and see nothing but empty barren lawns, or, worse, CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS.. IN OCTOBER!

However, statistically, Halloween Spending is Up, not Down.
Please see the below Infographic, however, the stats are for the US.

Well, money isn't everything though, right? Let's look at persons planning to Actively Celebrate Halloween, or even Dress Up in a Costume:

All Statistics and Infographics provided by Statista.