Are You A Geek Or A Nerd?

   Something that has always crossed people's minds over the years has been; are they a Geek or a Nerd? There are many wide interests that go differently into each category that can make you go into each section. Maybe your a little bit of both.

 Lets find out!

First off, there is the one big thing that separates us all the matter of star wars vs star trek. Are you more into star trek or star wars  I must ask. Are you one with the force? Do you follow the adventures of Luke Skywalker and his path of the force? Then my good fellow you may fit more into the lines of of being a geek I must say.

Or perhaps you are a person who follows the rules of star fleet and follows the rules of  your captains orders and does what your number one does and always is watching out for your coolant leak? And likes to explore new worlds? Then you must be  Star Trek Fan! This fits more around the legacy of nerds. 

Or just perhaps my good friend your a bit of a star trek fan and a bit of a star wars fan and a bit of a star trek fan. Nothing wrong with that you may so far be a bit of both! Both great things to be a fan of and Both are awesome things and very different very intriguing I must say!

Well we talked a lil about the the fan universe of TV shows and movies. But what about games? Have any of you heard of Heroclix? It is a board game you play where you get mini painted figurines and you battle it out with dice until all teams of the other players are destroyed and only your team is left. You can play with Marvel and DC characters and you get a card with powers. This is a game more for the geeks out there. But perhaps some people who say their nerds would like to play as well!

And another table top game that I find is more for people that tend to say their more of a Nerd is War hammer. In this game you have to paint your own figures though unlike heroclix. You battle it out with objectives with your team and see who wins!

And something I shall make one last compassion that all Geeks and nerds can be in compassion with is the game of World of Warcraft! Its a great game! Loved by many! You make your own class and race do missions or your own thing such as tailoring level up your character and just have a lot of fun. 

So there you have it. Are you a Geek or  Nerd? Or Are you A bit of Both Why dont you Tell us?