Welcome To DMR 3.0!

Welcome, To  DMR  3.0 !

Hey guys and gals!

We are Relaunching Digital Mayhem Radio! This will modernize our systems, simplify the user-experience, and provide a more enjoyable music session for YOU. 

Essentially this means; Less Ads, Less Talk, More Music! 

Not only that, but Genres have also been specifically curated to provide the most immersive gaming experience for our Listeners. You'll hear music that is perfect to game to, rather than a somewhat-abrasive eclectic collection of music. 

We think you'll like it.

Please be sure to stick with us as we implement these exciting new changes!

Note: As of September 19th, 2017 the new On Air programming is not yet DMR 3.0 compliant. Please allow 5-7 days for the On Air changes to take effect.


Emily Justine Valrite,
Station Owner,
Digital Mayhem Radio