Summer Drinks From Around The World

Hey there everyone Star Dust Cosplay here with another article! This time, we talk about popular summer drinks from around this very world! Since it is summer after all why not talk about different cool drinks you can have on a hot summer day! Let us see some of them that are out there to bring the coolness to summer fun! 

Iced Coffee

Ah, one of my personal favourites! Iced Coffee! It is a cool drink that is quite popular in Canada and the U.S.A. It consists, of milk, liquid sugar, cooled down coffee, and ice. It is the perfect cool drink to cool you down in the summer!

German Radler

This one is  favourite from Germany! It is called the German Radler It consists of soda and beer! It is sure sizzling on those summer days! It sure seems like it'd be quite delicious!

Cuba Libre

A famous Cuba drink is the Cuba Libre! Use aged rum, it must be cold, then ad some stones of ice on it. Pour 50 ml of rum and a soup spoon of lemon juice. Fill the rest of the glass with coke. And ta da you have a Cuban signature glass to sit back and watch the sun set with!

Bubble Tea

This signature drink comes from the origin of Taiwan. It is quite popular through out the world! Its name is known as Bubble Tea! To make this drink you need iced tea, sweetened milk or other flavourings, and usually some sweet black balls or “pearls” made from tapioca. It is a frothy style drink and I know from experience its quite delicious!

 Sex On The Beach

A popular alcoholic drink from the U.S.A. It is named Sex On The Beach! It is a fruity drink consisting of peach schnapps, orange juice, cranberry juice and vodka. Its a nice drink to sit on the patio with friends, and enjoy the summer heat as you cool down!


Ah, the Sangria! A spicy Mexican drink from Mexico! It is a sweet, carbonated wine punch that has entertained guests from all nations. All you need is some red wine, dome fruit, and perhaps some brandy to give it a little kick. Its great for any social event!

Gin And Tonic

Ah, the Gin and Tonic from England! It is a delicious drink that many people around the world enjoy, but usually is drank in England during those hot summer days! All you need is tonic water (3 parts) and gin! This will get you buzzing up for some conversation!

Pina Coloda

A popular drink from Pureto Rico! The Pina Coloda! One of my personal favorites to be honest! It consists of  chunks of pineapple, sugar, coconut cream, Carta Blanca by Bacardi pineapple juice, ice, and if you wish, a pineapple triangle to garnish. Its so creamy and delicious!

There you have it folks! Some popular summer drinks from around the world We hope you had a nice cool and refreshing drink to have while you read this! Have a favourite summer drink? Tell us in the comments below!

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