Zeus Arsenal Smite Vaporizer

The Zeus Smite Vaporizer

ZEUS Smite Vaporizer


  •  Good capacity 
  •  High battery life
  •  Durable 
  • Cool hits
  • High Build Quality
  • All-Metal Body
  • Illuminated Heating Chamber


  • Dry Herb Only (No Concentrates)
  • Only 3 temperature settings
  • One button, no display

The Zeus Smite is a compact herb vaporizer from Zeus Arsenal in Toronto. It was brought to DMR via Strainprint, which you can read about here.

 The Smite is a great portable vaporizer which has become my primary herb vape. I rarely find myself needing a greater control over temperature than the three settings available on the vaporizer; Blue (196C), Purple (204C), and Red (221C). It's easy to cycle between settings, and the different temperatures allow you to obtain different effects from the contents.

ZEUS Smite Poem
A poetic promise from Zeus, but does the Smite meet the expectations?
Named for the action performed by deities, the Smite forms part of a family of Greek mythology themed products from Zeus Arsenal, including the Zeus Smite Plus, which includes a digital display; the Thunder wax pen; and the Iceborn cooling system. We at DMR have not yet had the opportunity to try these products.

 While intended for only herbs, experienced vape users can use concentrates in the vaporizer, at the risk of causing a build up of concentrates if improperly used. I've successfully used the Smite for concentrates, using both pollen and shatter.

The Smite features an extremely high battery capacity, offering three hours of continuous vaporization!

Overall, I would rate the Zeus Smite as an excellent herb vaporizer. It performs excellently and reliably.

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