Text Messaging Turns 25, Isn't Aging Well

The very first Text-Message was sent back on December 3rd, 1992, and would you care to guess what it said?

Simply, "Merry Christmas".

Now, 25 years later, how is text messaging holding up as a solid, widely used form of electronic communication?

Well, we are pleased to say, Yes, Texting is still a thing. Obviously. But not nearly as popular as it used to be. Texting has turned from Bad Daddy to Cranky Grampa. In 2011, Text Messaging reached its' peak, with over 2,304 SMS Messages being sent in the USA alone. From 2008-2012, text messaging was experiencing its' hayday, a 5-year peak of usage. 

Unfortunately, text messaging started a decline from 2012 onwards, and a resurgence is not widely anticipated.

Check out the Infographic below, provided by Statista.

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About The Journalist:
Emily Valrite is the Owner/Manager of Digital Mayhem Radio, and has been writing articles for DMR's Newsfeed for over 7 years. Emily is a Transgender Awareness Advocate, Journalist & Photographer.
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