Holiday Drinks Around The World!

Hey everyone, Star Dust Cosplay here! This time, to talk about the holiday season that is upon us. 

Everyone tends to love warm drinks during the snowy cold winter season. So why not talk about some holiday drinks from around the world!

A favourite of a lot of people, as well as a personal favourite of mine, is peppermint hot chocolate! I love anything with mint, and I do love chocolate. So to me, a nice holiday drink is a peppermint hot chocolate, with a nice candy cane sticking out of it. It's festive and it's delicious! Oh, and let's not forget the whipped cream! 

Ah! A drink that is enjoyed by many people is the Starbucks Caramel Brulée Latte! It's quite popular during the holidays, it has steamed milk, coffee, Caramel Brulee sauce, and whipped cream!

Glogg is warm, and served during the Christmas holidays in Sweden. It has been said it's very warm and spicy! Many people in Sweden love this drink. I personally would love to try out this one.

A popular warm drink of Germany is Butter Grog! It is hot mulled grape juice, and flavoured with Christmas spices. It's a non-alcoholic warm drink that is enjoyed by many through out the country of Germany!

A Parisian warm drink, is Mulled Wine! The simplest form of the drink has just cinnamon and oranges, Basically its a hot mulled wine with spices. I bet it taste delicious!

In Poland  a holiday drink that is warm that people tend to enjoy is known as the Oranzada. Basic ingredients of oranzada are sugar and orange juice or syrup.And you warm up the syrup first before serving it!

There you have it everyone! Holiday drinks around the world! Perhaps there's one that you love to have this time of year! Tell us in the comments below!

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About The Journalist:
Lorrene Gibeault is a Cosplayer, and has been a Journalist & Photographer with Digital Mayhem Radio for over 3 years.

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