DMR Covering G-Anime Winter Edition!

Hello everyone, Star Dust Cosplay here, this time for some exciting news with DMR! We will be covering for the first time, the event of G-Anime 2018!

The event will be taking place at the Palasis Des Congres in Gatineau, QC! The event wil be running the weekend of  January 19-21st! We here at DMR, are very excited to be covering this event.

G-Anime is "A Japanese animation festival that is held twice every year. The main edition, in winter, is held at the Palais des congrès de Gatineau. G-Anime is mostly dedicated to Japanese animation and, of course, mangas. The convention also covers many other “geeky” fields, particularly web culture, Japanese fashion, and video games."

They also have some exciting guests such as 
Réal Bossé (Actor), Et tout le monde s'en fout (Youtuber), Adeline Chetail (Voice Actor), and many more!

The event will be featuring a dealers room, panels, Inscriptions tables, and many more! We hope to see you there that weekend!