Coffee Vs. Tea

Coffee Vs. Tea

Hey everyone, Star Dust Cosplay here! This time to talk about the age old question, which is the better drink, coffee or tea? 

Are you someone that enjoys a cup of orange pekoe to get your day going? Or, maybe a cup of java gets your bones moving? Well, lets find out what drink is the real winner here shall we?

Lets start off with the basics. 
Both taste great to most people. So most people will choose to drink what they want based on acquired taste. But what is really better for you? Let's find out!

First, we shall start off with some facts about tea. Tea has been proven to boost your endurance of exercise. Basically, it can give you energy. Which is something we all need these days it seems! Another interesting fact is that tea can help lower your risk of a heart attack. Tea contains antioxidants that are good for your body and can help you live a healthy life! It's been proven that you are less likely to get a caffeine crash from drinking tea, so that's always a plus! Tea is very healthy for you and like they say, a cup of tea a day, keeps the doctor away

Now, onto its competition. Why is coffee good for you? Well, for starters it contains an ingredient (which isn't known to this day) that can lower blood sugar. Its been said drinking coffee can lower your risk of diabetes type 2 and lower your risk of depression. Coffee may not have as many overall health benefits as tea, but it is still good for you. Really, it's about personal taste.

We've compared the differences with tea and coffee, but let's look at this chart down below.

There's the facts everyone. Which drink do you prefer? Do you drink coffee or tea based on the health facts, or personal taste? Tell us in the comments below!

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