HeroClix: A Heroes & Villains Tabletop Game

Good day everyone; Star Dust Cosplay here! This time, to tell you about 'HeroClix', my favourite TableTop Game.

With HeroClix, you get characters that are either DC or Marvel. Some examples include; Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Molly Hayes, Lady Thor, and so much more! 

Basically, each game, the players get 300 Points each, which they use to pick characters for their team. Each character is worth a different point value, so you must choose your team carefully in order to have a fighting chance!

When you play HeroClix, you get a board to play on and the object of the game is to knock out the opposing team's characters. Once only your team is left you can declare victory! You move around the board up to a certain amount of spaces on your character till you reach another opponent! When you do you may "punch" them and cause damage with a dice roll. And then you click down to the amount of points of the damage taken. You battle with all players till you strike an opponent and they click to K0! Then that character is out of the game permanently!

Each HeroClix player comes with a card describing their special powers. And you can use the special powers to your advantage in the game! For example; Lady Thor has the special ability called "Crush" where she can roll the dice to attack the characters around her and if your lucky with your roll you can cause damage to all opponent around her! It is a highly effective move in my opinion!

A important fact to remember is that you must always use a disc to give your character a "rest" after you do a move, be it either a few spaces move, or an attack. Then, next turn you don't move that character as they are resting, and the turn after that they can move again!

As you can probably tell I'm very passionate and excited about this game; I love it, it's so much fun to play! 

There was also recently some very big HeroClix news; November 15th was the release date of the "Harley and the Gotham Girls" booster pack! They released new discs and new booster packs, I'm excited to get my hands on them myself.

It's a really fun game to play for every geek out there who enjoys Heroes, villains, or just loves Tabletop games. 

Haven't played it yet? Well, I highly recommend that you do! Because otherwise the dice isn't rolling in your favour!

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About The Journalist:
Lorrene Gibeault is a Cosplayer, and has been a Journalist & Photographer with Digital Mayhem Radio for over 3 years.

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