Canada 150 at Camp Woosley

Hey all! Lorrene 'Stardust' Gibeault here, from the DMR Photography team. Normally I'd be out covering conventions and taking photos of Cosplayers. This weekend, however, I found myself on a different type of adventure:     

  Camp Woosely in Woodlawn, ON celebrated Canada's 150th celebration this past Saturday September 30, 2017 at its camp. Girl guides of Sparks, Brownies, Guides, and their leaders from Ontario gathered to join in for this celebration. There was over 500 people there in attendance for this event.  It was a provincial wide celebration and was a great celebration and gathering loved by everyone who attended! We had a opening fire ceremony and talked about the camp and did the flag raising and it was a great morning indeed. And then it was onto the activities of the morning!

      There were many things at Camp Woosley, Myself, am a Girl Guide leader for the Sparks, we started off with crafts. We made wonderful crafts such as a cut out maple leaf from felt and glued with a penny and a attached pin onto it. Then the group of sparks made lil beavers. They had a lot of fun making a lil heritage of Canada to take home with them and to enjoy and show their parents at the end of day camp on the 150th celebration.

     Next it was time for the Sparks to participate in the Particip-action games. There was many games for them to play in! There was checkers, bag racing, parschooting, zenga, giant zenga, giant checkers, giant frisbee, many games to keep them active and their blood running, Everyone seemed to enjoy this part of the day and really enjoyed making new friends and got to meet new sparks from across Ontario!

    Ah, next we went with the Sparks to visit the Piney Cottace of 1824. It is a very important part of Camp Woosely as well as Girl Guides and Canada. For you see Mrs Mary Wooseley who was the local president of the Girl Guide association along with her husband purchased this land and the cabin and realised that this cabin was perfect for meetings and thru the years it was a place for meetings for girl guides to go. It is a big piece of history of girl guides and Camp Woosely and to this day its well preserved for people to go and see and visit.

    Next, the sparks made some bannick bread over an open fire. Which is native american bread. Which you put jelly on and you eat it. The dough  was pre-made. The fire got to be really hot and we all had a lot of fun roasting the bread over a open fire while it cooked and turned it as it cooked and watched as it browned and turned into a crisp color. Then when it finished we put jelly on it and ate it. Yum!

   As we reached the end of our day we did a hike and a scavenger hunt, the girls enjoyed looking for pine cones, leaves, bark, rocks, and so on. We even found a mystery item, a toad on our adventure!

     It was the final activity now. It was the final meeting. around the campfire before everyone was to go home. All the groups gathered around the campfire to commence about the adventures from the 150th celebration of Canada at Camp Woosely. Everyone had a great day. Everyone would leave with adventures to tell their families. And great memories to look back on and great new friendships they have gained from their adventure at Camp Woosely!

 Oh one last thing! Everyone gained badges to bring home from their celebration at Camp Woosley Celebration of Canada's 150th celebration!